1. Cannot Replace Diapers

Its function is to block urine, to ensure the cleanliness of mattresses and mattresses, and cannot be used as diapers. When it gets wet, it should be replaced with a new one immediately to prevent moisture from covering the baby's butt.

2. Prepare a Few More Diaper Pads

At least two baby underpads should be prepared for easy replacement. In summer, the temperature is high to dry, and two replacements can cope with it, but it is not easy to dry in winter, so it is better to prepare a few more.

precautions for baby underpads

3. Pay Attention to Safety

If the child is very young, it can be used with a diaper or a diaper. If the child learns to pee by himself when he is older, he can use it while giving the child urine. In addition, pay attention to prevent the baby from biting, and do not let sharp objects scratch the baby underpad, try to avoid being scratched by oil-based pens or colored lead, and be sure to place the product away from fire and heat sources.

4. Pay Attention to Cleanliness

When the product is just unpacked, you will smell a special smell, but don't worry, this smell is common and will disappear in a few days. Since the cushion is folded during packaging, there will be creases on the cushion. After unpacking, it can be laid flat, and it will become flat after one to two weeks. If the surface of the mat is stained with stains, it cannot be wiped with a stiff brush or medicine. This will damage the surface. The correct way to clean it is to wipe it with a towel or soft-bristled brush soaked in soapy water.