The difference between an adult underpad and a baby underpad is the difference in thickness and material. Disposable underpads for adults are generally thicker, and underpads for babies are relatively thin, but their properties are similar. Because they are all medium singles, it is generally recommended not to use adult incontinence bed sheets for small babies. Can adult underpads be used for newborns?

Can Adult Underpads be Used for Newborns?

It is not recommended that you use it for your baby. Newborn babies are very delicate. It should be worried that The bed pads for the elderly may not be up to standard in terms of hygiene. You should buy them separately. The baby's skin is so tender. Probably the adult underpads have added some things that adults can use, but children can't. Besides, its size is not suitable. Why do you want to use them for your baby?

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The Difference Between Maternity Mats and Underpads

The maternity mat is used by the mom, and it will be used after the baby is born. The maternity mat is an essential item in the delivery package and is used by women after childbirth. After giving birth, women will have lochia discharge. At this time, they need to put a disposable pad under the body, and ordinary toilet paper cannot meet the demand. After a woman gives birth to a baby, she should put the maternity mat on the bed and replace it in time until the female lochia is exhausted.

There are also different sizes of maternity mats. When buying, you don’t have to buy too big, generally, 90x60 is enough. However, the bigger the puerperium is, the better, because a larger puerperium is not easy to stain the sheets. If you have the conditions, you can buy more, even if it is not used up, it can be used as a baby's changing mat.