In the post-epidemic period, more and more people began to choose camping close to home instead of traveling. So what can you do to get a better experience when camping for the first time?

I have divided it into two parts:

Camping Location Selection

What to Pack for Camping


The Choice for a Camping location

1. Try to choose a site with a wide field of vision. First, the scenery is good, and second, it is easy to observe and avoid possible dangers;

2. The location where the tent is set up should be high. If it rains, there will be no water accumulation. 

3. Don't camp directly by the river, try to choose a site more than five meters above the river to avoid the danger of rising water.

4. When choosing a camp in summer, first look at ventilation, and secondly look at sun protection. You can download software to view the angle of the sun, check the direction of sunrise and sunset, and determine where to set up a tent.

5. Set up tents in winter to keep warm and prevent cold

6. The tent mouth should not face the direction of the air vent.

7. Control the distance between the tent and the tent. The sound insulation of the tent is very poor. Choosing a moderate distance will be much more comfortable.

camping wipes

What to Bring When Camping

1. Hardware

Canopies and tents: essential gear for shade and sleeping

People with a bag can also choose to rent a camp set directly~

2. Essential Group

Tables and chairs: Choose foldable tables and chairs. In addition, you can prepare some large storage boxes, not only for camping things, but also to expand the desktop space.

Mattresses, sleeping bags: You need to choose according to the hot and cold weather.

3. Convenience Small Objects

Kitchen wipes + hand and mouth wipes: Washing dishes outdoors is also a challenge. Deyou kitchen wipes remove oil and wipe it again, and then wipe it with baby hand and mouth wipes. The 7-layer EDI water used for hand and mouth wipes is like washing with water, which can easily solve the problem of outdoor oil pollution.

75% alcohol wipes: Can effectively kill germs, wipe your hands before and after meals.

Deeyeo Moisture Tissue: Deeyeo moisture tissue is still tough even when wet, so it is a good choice for wiping your mouth and face.

4. The Kitchen Group

The most commonly used oven for heating food is a cassette stove, so pay attention to safety when using it.

Choose aluminum alloy/titanium alloy for tableware, which is more durable and resistant to falling.

5. Atmosphere Group

Camping lights, decorative lights, stereos, aromatherapy, picnic baskets, a proper photo + atmosphere tool.

6. Others

Prepare enough drinking water. There are many places with outdoor water, and try to prepare as much drinking water as possible.

A small medicine box can be used for bruises.

High-power mobile power, mobile phones, electronic equipment, and lamps, can be used.