For finding a reliable wet tissue/absorbent underpad/diaper/anti galactorrhea pad manufacturer, you had better know some important information about the company. Because some companies do not have production qualification, and the products they produce are also unqualified. You need to study the company you want to cooperate with before deciding whether to cooperate. Next, we will show you around our factory. This will give you a clear understanding of our company and make our cooperation more smooth.

Clean Production Workshop

In order to produce high-quality hygiene products, yeesian have special workers who disinfect the workshop every day. This ensures that our workshop is always clean, and it can prevent the growth of bacteria. Meanwhile, we also have specialized personnel to check our equipment. Once the equipment is dirty, it will be cleaned up. Therefore, our workshop will always maintain a clean production environment.

Clean production workshop

Clean production workshop

Various Production Line

In our production workshop, we have more than ten production lines. It includes wet wipes production lines, diaper production lines, absorbent underpad production lines, and anti galactorrhea pad production lines. In addition, we use advanced production machines to make our products. And every production step has been strictly debugged. So we can guarantee that the quality of the products from our factory is qualified.

Experienced Workers

In order to produce qualified goods, our factory has skilled workers to operate machines. In fact, before the workers go to work, we will carry out strict training for them, and they can only go to work after passing the training. Before getting into the workshop, workers have to wear garments for the cleanroom. And workers also need to go through the air shower for disinfection, then they can get into the workshop to work.


Sustainable development is the key to every company’s future and development. For catching up with the market needs and meeting the customer’s new requirements, we have been striving to do the product research. And we have a professional research group to do this job. Of course, we have an office for our researchers. In order to enlarge our research and development team, we also will continue to hire technician talents to join our team. Each of our new products has been tested by these professionals to make sure customers can use them safely.

Research equipment

Research equipment

Our Customers

If you come to our factory, you can not only see our workers but also our customers from other countries. Actually, we have many customers from different countries, such as America, Canada, India, Norway, Finland, Australia, Russia, Germany, Singapore, etc. Every customer visiting our factory is satisfied with our production workshop. Moreover, most of them bought goods from us again.

Different Raw Material

If you come to visit our factory, you will see a large quantity of raw material. Because we have a lot of orders
To be honest, the quality of raw materials is the main factor affecting the quality of products. For getting high-quality hygiene products, we adopt superior raw material to make our goods. At the same time, we have a long-term relationship with these raw material suppliers.