Many people think that wet wipes should only be used on the hands and body, but not on the face. In fact, there is a wet tissue to clean face. That is makeup remover wet wipes. It is specially designed to remove the makeup. With the help of face wet tissue, you can remover the makeup easily. In our company, we have effective wet tissue wipes for you to clean face. Here is the information about our best wet tissue for face.

What is Wet Tissue Wipes for Face?

Wet tissue wipes for face can achieve the purpose of removing makeup without makeup remover. You don't need to prepare water and make-up remover to easily remove secretions, cosmetics and other dirty things on your face. The liquid in the makeup facial wet towel is a weak acid makeup remover. The fabric structure of the facial makeup remover is also soft, so you can wipe the skin directly when using it. Because it has the characteristics of cleaning, moisturizing, and easy to carry, the facial make-up remover wipes have become the essential cleaning products in our daily life. If you don't have facial cleanser and water when you go out, the facial make-up wet tissue is a good alternative.



The Difference Between Cosmetic Cotton and Wet Tissue Wipes for Face

  • In appearance, make-up remover cotton is a small dry cotton piece, while face make-up remover wipes are spunlaced non-woven wipes added with makeup remover ingredients.
  • In terms of usage, makeup remover cotton needs to be touched with makeup remover to remove makeup, and makeup remover wet tissue for face can be directly wiped on the face to remove makeup.

All in all, the difference between makeup remover water wipes and makeup remover cotton is mainly reflected in appearance and usage.

What Should You Pay Attention to When You Want to Choose the Best Wet Tissue for Face?

  • The shelf life of most facial cleansing wipes is two years. You should observe the shelf life when you buy it.
  • The qualified facial makeup remover wet wipes have a subtle smell, while the inferior wet tissue for face has a pungent smell.
  • When purchasing wipes, you should take care that the package is in good condition. If there is damage, please stop using it.
  • Check the ingredients of the product, be careful of the chemicals such as formaldehyde used as preservatives. Those containing phenoxyethanol can be used at ease.

Matters Need Attention:

  • After removing the makeup with the facial make-up remover, wash your face with clear water immediately, and thoroughly remove the residues that will irritate your skin.
  • Do not use makeup remover wet tissue wipes for face around eyes and lips, because these two areas are sensitive.
  • If you are dry or mixed skin, apply moisturizer immediately after using the wipes.
  • You should avoid using wet wipes containing perfumes and fragrances, which can cause extra irritation.