Alcohol is a common disinfectant in medicine and daily family. Medical research shows that 75% of alcohol not only has a strong disinfection ability but also has a good killing effect on all kinds of bacteria. At the same time, alcohol is cheap. But alcohol liquid is not easy to carry, and it is also dangerous. In order to meet the needs of consumers, we provide the portable alcohol cleaning pad and alcohol wipes for you. Generally speaking, alcohol pad is a tablet disinfection product made of a piece of clean cotton dipped in about 75% medical alcohol solution. The main composition of the alcohol pads is 75% ethanol, so it has the function of sterilization and disinfection.

The Price of Alcohol Pads

In yeesian, we have a large number of alcohol cleaning pads for sale. Do you want to know the price? To be honest, there are many elements that can affect the price of alcohol pads.

  • The price of raw material. In fact, the price of raw materials is a direct factor affecting the price of alcohol cotton pads. Alcohol pads are made of non-woven fabric and alcohol liquid. If the price of nonwovens fabric and alcohol liquid goes up, so does the price of alcohol pads.
  • The distance. It’s generally known that the distance can affect the price. Because with the distance, the freight will increase.
  • The number of products. If you buy a large quantity, we will give you a discount.
Disposable alcohol pads

Disposable alcohol pads

Can You Use Expired Alcohol Cotton Pads?

Even if the alcohol cotton pads expire, as long as the alcohol concentration reaches 75%, it still has the bactericidal effect. And even if the alcohol content is low, you can use expired alcohol pads to disinfect. Because as long as there is no pollution, there will be no harm. The shelf life of the alcohol pad is mainly considering that the reduced purity of the alcohol after evaporation may lead to the loss of sterilization ability of the product. Expired alcohol pre pads still have some disinfection effect, but the sterilization effect will decline.

Can Alcohol Cotton be Used to Wipe Wounds?

Alcohol pre pads can wipe the wound, but you need to bandage them to prevent skin infections. Because alcohol has a strong irritant, if you wipe the wound, you had better use iodophor. If the alcohol cotton pads sheet is well sealed, it can be used within the shelf life. Moreover, the killing rate of alcohol pre pads to Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is very high. By the way, we have top disinfectant wipes for you to choose from. It is the best substitute for alcohol pre pads.

What Are the Benefits of Our Alcohol Pads?

  • The alcohol content of our alcohol prep pad is high, which can be sterilized quickly.
  • We have a strict production process.
  • The size of our alcohol prep pad is 8cm * 10cm, which makes the cleaning area larger and easier to use.
  • Aluminum foil independent packaging has good airtightness. This allows alcohol prep pads can be stored for a long time and is not volatile.