Many mothers know the function of the baby diapers very well, but some mothers don't know about baby training pants, especially new mothers. Because their baby is still in infancy, there is little or no need to use baby training pants. Therefore, they don't know the difference between baby pull up pants and baby diapers. Today, let’s talk about the difference between cheerleaders and diapers.

What’s the Difference Between Baby Pull Up Pants and Nappies?

The most obvious difference between nappies and boys' pull-up pants is that there is no elastic band in the waist of diapers and there is an elastic band in the waist of boys' pull-up pants. Baby nappies are glued to the lower abdomen, while pull up pants are glued to both sides of the thigh. In fact, these are not the main differences. The main difference is that baby pull up pants are training pants, which can be worn and taken off freely like little underwear, while nappies are troublesome to take off once they are put on. Baby diaper pants are generally used after the baby is one year old. After the baby can walk, the defecation also needs to be trained, so baby pull up pants are more convenient. It is equivalent to wearing cotton underpants for the baby, which can not only achieve the purpose of training but also prevent the baby from urinating in the pants.

Yeesain cute baby diaper

Yeesain cute baby diaper

How Old Can a Baby Wear Baby Pull Up Pants?

With the growth of the baby, the baby will turn over and crawl, and will not be willing to lie down and let her mother change diapers. As a result, easy to wear and take off yeesain baby training pants come in handy. And some mothers may ask, how old can babywear baby training pants? Generally speaking, there are M/L/XL sizes in the current market. Some brands also have XXL models. The smallest model is m, which is suitable for babies over 6-7kg.

Therefore, we recommend that the baby can roll over or crawl after the baby can wear baby diaper pants.