Whether it's a dog or an adult, sometimes there are accidents to deal with. But dogs aren't human after all, and they're not so quick to do things you want them to do, like pee on the urinals. To be honest, training a dog to pee on a puppy toilet training mat is not easy, and it can take a long time. Especially if you don't have good guidance, the time will be longer. Next, we'll show you how to teach your dog to use the puppy toilet training mats in a short time.

Train your puppy use pet pads

Train your puppy use pet pads

4 Steps to Follow:

  • Keep your puppy with you at all times during puppy pee training. If you can't do this, you can consider training with a playpen, or using a laundry or bathroom as a safe den.
  • Reward your dog properly when training him to use the dog toilet mat. If you only reward your dog verbally, the dog is not motivated enough. You can take some food with you. When the dog defecates correctly on the dog toilet mat, reward the dog with food immediately, so the dog will quickly learn to defecate on the dog toilet mat.
  • It is recommended that you take your dog out every hour during puppy pee training. Because repetition and coherence are important. If it's been 24 hours since your dog last went to the bathroom in the right place, it's going to take a lot longer to learn.
  • It is recommended to place a dog toilet mat on the floor or on a newspaper to teach your dog to poop in the right places. If your dog is defecating in the right place, try moving the dog toilet mat closer to the door. Then your dog will quickly get used to defecating on the urinal pad. After that, no matter where you are, your dog will defecate on the pet urinal mats.

How Do You Know Your Puppy Needs to Defecate?

Generally speaking, puppies need to go to the toilet more than adult dogs. Because they have small bladders, and they don't have a "hold on" instinct. Older dogs usually go to the toilet after getting up and 10-20 minutes after eating, drinking, and playing. Don't assume your dog knows how to defecate on the pet mats unless they’re learned to. Dogs hover and sniff when they need to defecate. And if you observe these movements, then your dog needs to defecate. Then you need to take out the pet mat for dog and let the dog defecate. And if you have a big male dog, yeesian have pee pads for male dogs for you. If you need it, feel free to contact us.