With the aggravation of global aging and the prevalence of unhealthy lifestyle, more and more elderly and young people have the problem of incontinence. To solve this problem, many people began to choose adult diapers for their parents and family. If you want to buy the top adult diapers, please read this article.

You never know how many adults wear adult diapers

You never know how many adults wear adult diapers

What kind of diapers should you choose?

When choosing incontinence nappies for adults, we should have a certain understanding of the user's needs, and select the appropriate incontinence nappies for adults. In this way, diapers will play their due role.

  • Be sure to fit the body of the wearer. Especially the elastic groove of legs and waist can not be too tight, otherwise it will strangle the skin. Sometimes the size of diapers is not uniform, it may vary with different manufacturers and brands. It is recommended to refer to the size on the outside of the package for selection.
  • Leak-proof design can prevent leakage of urine. You'd better choose the top adult diapers with leak-proof design. Diapers with leak-proof design can effectively prevent leakage when urine volume is excessive.
  • The adhesive function should be good. When using, the adhesive tape should be close to the diapers, and can still be pasted repeatedly after the adult nappies are untied. In this way, even if the paralyzed patient changes position, the diapers will not loosen and fall off.
  • Antibacterial deodorization should be better. Elderly people with incontinence problems will suffer setbacks in their self-esteem. When using adult diapers, the old people's psychology will be hit even more when they are alienated by the smell around them. Yeesain's most absorbent adult diaper can quickly absorb dirt and keep the wearer clean.
The elderly in incontinence nappies

The elderly in incontinence nappies

Characteristics of top adult diapers

When using diapers, the particularity of individual skin sensitivity must be considered. After selecting suitable size diapers, the following aspects should be considered:

  • Diapers should be soft, non-allergic, and contain skincare ingredients.
  • Diapers should be super absorbent. You had better choose the most absorbent adult diaper.
  • Choose breathable adult diapers with high air permeability. When the ambient temperature increases, the skin temperature is difficult to control. If the moisture and heat can not be properly distributed, it is easy to produce skin problems such as heat rash and bedsore. Breathable adult diapers won't have this kind of problem.

Yeesain's top adult diapers can meet the above requirements.