Why breastfeeding nursing pads are needed?

When you are breastfeeding, especially in the beginning, your breasts may leak milk. Breastfeeding mothers are often unable to breastfeed in time or hear the baby cry, the milk will automatically flow out of clothing, causing embarrassment. Wet bras are not good for your clothes, but more importantly, moifsture on the skin may cause skin irritation or even infection. Therefore, it is necessary for lactating mothers to change the pads several times a day.

Types of breastfeeding nursing pads

There are washable and disposable nursing pads on the market, both of which have their own advantages. The washable pads can be reused, which is environmentally friendly and affordable. Disposable pads are great when you're on the trip. They are prepackaged to help keep mom's chest clean.

Choosing a breastfeeding nursing pad is actually a matter of personal preference, so it is best to try several different types of breast leaking pads to prevent breast milk leakage.  First, you can buy a box of disposable breast leaking pads and a couple of reusable pads from several different companies. You'd better try two different pads and choose the one that suits you better.

Best nursing breast pads should be used for breastfeeding mom

Best nursing breast pads should be used for breastfeeding mom

What do you need to notice when choosing breast leaking pads?

Do you want to get the best nursing breast pads? If the answer is yes, then you need to pay attention to the following aspects when choosing the best nursing breast pads.

Breast size: Although the pad needs to remain primarily on or around the nipple area, women with large breasts may have more coverage than some pads allow. In this case, a large nursing pad will be more suitable for a mother with a large breast.

Color: Cute shadows and patterns may make the pad look interesting online, but the reality is that black or nude colors may be more cautious under clothing, especially when you're breastfeeding with a thin bra.

Washing: if it is a reusable pad, can you machine wash it? Most products can be washed and dried by the machine. But if you can't, you should at least look for a kind of light material breast pads for feeding mothers that can quickly air dry.

Adhesive: Disposable breast pads for feeding mothers have sticky bands that help them stay in the bra, which many mothers like. But these may not be suitable for everyone, especially women with sensitive skin. So we suggest that you choose the best nursing breast pads.

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