In fact, it's easy to choose an adult diaper. You just need to determine the level of absorption required, the type of back sheet material and the correct diaper size. Many people will also choose the diaper with temperature indicators. Generally speaking, humidity indicator is a common function of most diaper brands. Once the diaper is soiled, the nurse can easily determine when to change the diaper. But not everyone needs it. If you are an active individual who needs incontinence protection, you can also choose a diaper without a temperature indicator. Do you want to purchase the best nappies? Here are some factors you need to consider.

Factors to consider before purchasing


Incontinence diapers are designed for higher flow than protective underwear. It is considered an effective measure to protect reusable underwear, and many best incontinence disposable diapers can also be used for fecal incontinence. However, you cannot use protective underwear to prevent fecal incontinence. If you want to get super absorbent adult diapers, you can choose night diapers. Because diapers designed for the night are more absorbent than those designed for the day.

Disposable adult diapers are needed by more and more people

Disposable adult diapers are needed by more and more people

The content of SAP

Super absorbent polymer (SAP) is a new functional polymer material. It has the function of absorbing water hundreds to thousands of times heavier than itself, and has excellent water retention performance. Once SAP expands and becomes hydrogel, it is difficult to separate the water even under pressure. Therefore, when choosing the best disposable diapers for adults, we should pay attention to the content of the SAP in the product. The higher the content of the SAP, the better the water absorption.

Backsheet material

The back sheet material is the material lining the outside of the best disposable diapers. Its role is to prevent liquid penetration, which is more common in overnight underwear. You can see two kinds of back sheet materials in the market. One is plastic film material, the other is film material like cloth. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The back sheet material of plastic can better prevent urine leakage, but the air permeability is poor. Cloth-like backing is more comfortable but less leakproof. Yeesain's best disposable diapers for adults are made of PE film with good waterproof and air permeability.

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