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Uses and Classification of Wet Wipes

Although we often use wet wipes in our daily life, many people do not know what is wet wipes. The wipes are moist tissue used to wipe the skin. Wet wipes on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: one is that they have been disinfected, but can not disinfect other items. This kind of wipes contains skincare ingredients, which can only be used to moisturize the skin. The other is not only disinfected itself, but also disinfects other items. These wipes can kill germs. Therefore, it can be used to disinfect or sterilize skin abrasions and scratches.

Household wet wipes can be used to clean the table

Household wet wipes can be used to clean the table

Classification of wipes

  • According to the classification of raw materials, wipes can be divided into two types, one is wet-strength paper, the other is non-woven fabric. Most of the wipes are made of non-woven fabrics. If subdivided, most of the raw materials are spunlaced nonwovens. Wet wipes can be divided into polyester and cotton in terms of raw materials. The handle of polyester is hard and smooth, and that of cotton is soft.
  • According to the different manufacturing processes, wet wipes can be divided into straight laid and cross laid. Compared with the wet wipes, the tension of cross laid is more uniform. Yeesain‘s wipes are made by cross laid.
  • According to the user population, it can be divided into adult wet wipes and baby wipes. Compared with adult wet wipes, baby wipes are more demanding and can not be added with alcohol, essence, stimulant, fluorescent agent, etc. Yeesain’s baby wipes do not contain any flavors, alcohol, or fluorescein ingredients.
  • Finally, let’s talk about the original solution of the wipes. The original solution used in the wipes is not all liquid medicine, but RO pure water and disinfectant. The content of disinfectant should be scientifically proportioned. In the absence of water and soap, wipes are the best choice for cleaning hands and faces.

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