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Yeesain’s New Sensitive Wet Wipes for Sale

Yeesain has been producing baby products for 15 years. We know that many mothers choose wet wipes for sensitive skin based on whether they will meet the need to change diapers. We noticed that when changing diapers, mothers are most concerned about whether the baby’s butt can be cleaned. In addition, mothers are also concerned about whether baby wipes can be used on babies with sensitive skin. Generally speaking, Yeesain’s best sensitive wipes are suitable for babies of all skin types.

You can use the best sensitive wet wipes for newborn

You can use the best sensitive wet wipes for newborn

The reason why our best sensitive wipes can be used to clean your baby’s skin. 

Higher quality sensitive skin wet wipes. Compared with previous products, Yeesain’s best sensitive wipes can effectively remove stains. In order to achieve this goal, Yeesian added superfine fiber, trefoil fiber and circular fiber into the wipes, which can thoroughly clean the feces and urine on the baby’s skin surface. The fibers and small depressions on the wipes can remove dirt more quickly and effectively. At the same time, wet wipes for sensitive skin can not only protect the baby’s skin, but also protect the mother’s hand skin.

Yeesian’s sensitive baby wipes are more flexible. Flexible wipes can not only help mothers clean baby’s skin wrinkles, but also easy to use. When changing diapers, thicker wipes provide multiple levels of protection for mom’s hands. And this kind of wet wipes for newborns is thicker and more flexible. The texture of the best wet wipes for newborns is more delicate. The innovative fiber design increases the basal area by more than 40%,  which allows parents to use fewer wipes on baby skin.

Yeesian's best wet wipes for newborn

Yeesian’s best wet wipes for newborn

Excellent water absorption. Yeesain’s sensitive baby wipes have stronger and milder cleaning power than other similar products. When you wipe your baby’s skin, yeesain best wet wipes for newborns can easily achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Do you need this kind of wipes? Please contact us as soon as possible.

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