We believe that whether you have children or not, there is a bag of baby body wipes or adult wipes in the cabinet of every family. To be honest, the use of wet tissue is endless. In addition to cleaning your baby's mouth and hands with baby body wipes, there are many things we can do with baby body wipes. Next, we can introduce the use of wet tissue in detail.

Wipe off the excess nail polish

Keep your baby soft wipes handy when you're painting your nails - they can fix any mistake quickly with minimal effort. For example, they can clean the nail area before a manicure or provide a little extra moisture to the cuticle.

Baby body wipes for sale

Baby body wipes for sale

Baby face wipes are suitable for makeup removal

Beauty purists may be scared to think of using baby soft wipes to clean their skin, but baby face wipes are good for eye makeup. If you are in a hurry or lazy, they will quickly dissolve stubborn Mascara in seconds, and are more friendly to sensitive skin than a cheap cleanser. In addition, they're also much cheaper than most "beauty wipes" on the skincare shelf.

Remove hair dye stains

If you dye your hair at home, you know how hard it is to get rid of the dye. Keep a bag of baby soft wipes at hand to quickly remove water droplets and stains from the hairline and neck.

Baby wipes are a great alternative to toilet paper

Have you ever run out of toilet paper and reached for the kitchen roll. To be honest, it's a good time for baby body wipes. It's also convenient for children who have just gone to the bathroom because they need extra cleaning supplies to clean up the dirt. But what you need to remember is not to flush them into the toilet.

Tidy up the flyaway hair

If you've had a nice haircut, but you have loose hair, don't reach for the gel - take wet wipes and gently pat the hair on your head. That's great! You can also tame disobedient eyebrows. Who says baby soft wipes are not suitable for adults?

Wipe the dust off the indoor plants

In addition to the above purposes, infant face wipes can also be used to remove dust from plant leaves. After being wiped with a wet towel, they will look beautiful and shiny.

Remove household dust

Tape a wipe on your broom to remove dust from hard to reach areas. Dust will stick to infant face wipes instead of falling into the air, making it easy to clean cobwebs and dust balls.

Quick repair and cleaning

If you don't have time for deep cleaning when unexpected guests come in, you just pick up a few baby face wipes and wipe your kitchen, leather sofa and bathroom surfaces. A clean, shiny look may last only an hour or so, but it will give your guests a super clean home and priceless first impressions.

You can use baby wet wipes to wipes your hands

You can use baby wet wipes to wipes your hands

Clean the dirty light switch

Light switches are often touched and you may begin to notice that they have changed color. Wipe it with infant face wipes and they will look like new. In addition, it can help you remove bacteria from the surface.

Clean the outside of the refrigerator

Remove dirt and mold from refrigerator handles and crevices. They are also very useful for cleaning the exterior of most kitchen utensils, such as microwave ovens, water pots, toasters and coffee makers.

To be honest, there are many uses for wipes. If you know what else wipes can do, please leave us a message.