Many people use ultrasorb pads to keep the furniture clean and dry. These mats can be placed on any surface to protect it from moisture. So it's perfect for a bed, sofa, floor or anything else. Also, ultrasorb pads also a favorite of nursing staff, because it can reduce the number of times nurses wash clothes.

What are ultrasorb underpads ?

The ultrasorb underpads is a large rectangular pad with an absorbent core and a waterproof backing. They are designed to protect the surface from incontinence and are ideal for car seats, beds, chairs, even church benches - whatever you want to protect.

Who should use the ultrasorb underpads?

These products are ideal for:

  1. People who want to keep their furniture clean
  2. The absorbent pads for urine can protect the elderly who cannot take care of themselves
  3. The absorbent pads for urine can also protect people who can't turn over after surgery
Disposable absorbent mats for sale

Disposable absorbent mats for sale

How do they work?

Put the yeesain disposable absorbent mats where you want to protect it. Once the moisture reaches the top, it is locked in the absorbent core. Waterproof backing prevents moisture penetration. Whether you're changing a loved one, tending to wounds, or anything else.

Core material

Polymer cores will soak up moisture and turn it into a gel, keeping the top sheet dry and comfortable. You will find polymer cores in disposable absorbent mats.

“Quilting,” “rayon interior” or “poly/rayon soaker” is common in reusable underpads, which rely on fabric-like interiors that are less absorbent than traditional disposable alternatives These are great for capturing liquid before it gets to your furniture, but the top sheet will not feel as dry as a polymer core underpad.