As the pace of life in modern society continues to accelerate and labor costs continue to increase, wet wipes have become a must-have for many families in China. With the increase in demand, wet wipes products with different functions and materials on the market are emerging one after another, and the prices of different wet wipes products are also quite different. What is the reason for the difference in the price of wet wipes?

The real large disposable wipes for adults

Different materials

1. All-polyester

Polyester is a chemical fiber from the petrochemical industry. In comparison, it is not so soft and has a slippery feel. It is easy to fluff after wiping. At the same time, polyester has poor hydrophilicity. During the wiping process, more moisture will stay on the skin. At the same time, because of the poor hydrophilicity of polyester, the moisture in the wet wipes will be due to the effect of gravity. After a period of time, the upper wet wipes will often appear to be dry and the lower wet wipes will increase in water content. Come to some inconvenience. After the all-polyester wet wipes are used up, its chemical fibers are difficult to degrade completely in the natural environment. At the same time, petroleum is also a non-renewable resource. Therefore, from the perspectives of environmental protection and user experience, the use of polyester should be reduced. However, polyester is cheap because of its low price. The cost is lower, and it is very popular among low-priced wet wipes.

2. Polyester + viscose

According to the cost requirements of the brand, polyester and viscose can be adjusted according to a certain ratio. Generally, the lower the proportion of polyester, the higher the softness of the non-woven fabric, and the higher the cost of the fabric. Usually ,the ratio of medium and high-grade wet wipes is 5:5, and there are also 3:7 and 7:3.

3. Spunlace non-woven fabrics

Spunlace non-woven fabrics spray high-pressure fine water onto one or more layers of fiber webs to entangle the fibers so that the webs can be reinforced and have a certain strength. The resulting fabric is It is a spunlaced nonwoven fabric. It has the characteristics of high strength, low fuzzing, high moisture absorption, soft hand feeling, fluffy, and good air permeability.

4. All-cotton non-woven fabrics

All-cotton spunlaced non-woven fabrics are made of natural fiber pure cotton. After opening and loosening cotton, using cutting-edge carding machine, netting machine, and drafting machine to arrange the pure cotton into a net, The needle-like water column with large density and numerous formed after pressing, the spunlaced machine promotes the entanglement of cotton fibers into cloth. With the laying of cotton production lines in China, the production capacity of cotton non-woven fabrics is gradually increasing, the price of cotton fabrics is also gradually falling, and the utilization rate is rising.

non woven fiber

In addition to the difference in material, there are the following differences in non-woven fabrics that will affect its price:

  1. GSM: generally 30g-80g, the lower the weight, the lower the thickness of the cloth.
  2. Embossed type:  plain、meshedand pearl
  3. Stretch: straight laid; crosslaid;

Different Packing Way

There is two main packaging way for wet wipes, bag, and barrel. Bags are mainly 1-80 pieces, and more than 100 pieces are generally used in barrels. The outer packaging of both packages can be specially designed and customized. The price of single wet wipes is generally relatively high, 80 pieces The wet wipes are generally the first choice for household wipes.

In addition to the above factors that will affect the price of wet wipes, there will also be differences due to the different functions of wet wipes. For example, alcohol wipes will be added to alcohol, and scented wipes will also be specially added with different fragrances. The wipes will add degreasing ingredients, but the baby wipes are exclusively for babies without any additives.