When you're pregnant, it's fun to buy a new stroller, a wooden toy, or some cute baby clothes. Deciding what kind of chest protector to buy and how much to buy is obviously less exciting. However, if you can get out and meet friends, or enjoy your baby - for once - to take a long nap without worrying about leaking breasts, you'll feel more confident when you've just given birth. Whatever type of pads you choose, they should be replaced often, and as soon as they feel wet.

This will help reduce nipple pain and the risk of bacterial or yeast infections. Although some brands of sanitary napkins have waterproof membranes to prevent breast milk from leaking, check carefully for air permeability. Good ventilation is the best way to promote healing and reduce the risk of infection. They should be packed separately for hygienic reasons. This means that if you're going out for the day, you can easily pack a few in your change bag.

Yeesain popular nursing breast pad

Yeesain popular nursing breast pad

Disposable breast pads are usually made of cotton or paper. They are used to be discarded after use. Most pads have a small piece of tape that attaches the pads to the bra, so they fit nicely into the bra. The reliability of disposable breast pads varies. Cheap pads may prove expensive because they need to be replaced more often. Choosing a well-known brand of care supplements, such as Yeesain or Lanish, may actually save you money.

The problem with disposable breast pads is their cost. Buying in bulk is another way to cut costs, as some stores may offer discounts for buying in bulk. If you find that your breasts are leaking constantly, consider replacing them completely with washable breast pads or using disposable and reusable ones. While disposable breast pads are not the most environmentally friendly option, they are convenient and reliable. For mothers who are just beginning to breastfeed, this can be very helpful.

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