yeesain kitchen wipes

3 new types of wet wipes in Yeesain

Now, wet wipes are becoming a necessary item for every family. Wet wipes are mainly used for cleaning to maintain goods personal hygiene. When you go outside, you cannot wash things. Cleaning is relatively easy. In fact, it is easy for adults to ignore wet wipes. If you ask other people why they use wet wipes on the street, they may tell you that wet wipes are mainly used to clean the skin of babies, although you often see baby wipes Ads, they are actually suitable and great home care products for everyone, regardless of age. Because people have higher requirements for environmental hygiene, wet wipes for specific purposes are gradually appearing. Wet wipes for different purposes will make things cleaner than ordinary wipes, and more convenient to use. Then, let’s get to know the 3 new types of wet wipes in Henan Yeesain.

yeesain kitchen wipes
yeesain kitchen wipes

Antibacterial kitchen wipes

After you finish cooking, if you want to keep a clean kitchen, you need to clean the cooking area immediately. We generally use rags and detergent to clean the kitchen, but our hands are greasy when we use them, and it seems that we can still feel the greasy now, which is very uncomfortable. Washing cloth is very troublesome, and it is easy to breed bacteria. It is simply a very large cultural dish. In the collected rag sample survey, the total number of bacteria in a single piece reached 500 billion. Even if you change to a new rag, after a week of use, the number of bacteria will reach 2.2 billion, which is terrible! Escherichia Coli, Candida albicans, and Salmonella are mixed, and they may be the reasons for inexplicable diarrhea. In order to avoid these situations, a new cleaning way has been accepted in many families, that is Antibacterial kitchen wipes. A piece of kitchen wipes = rag + detergent + air freshener. After eating, use kitchen wipes to wipe off the sauce and oil left on the table. It is not sticky and greasy. Just take a little while, the kitchen is always clean. Henan Yeesain follows the development trend of wet wipes and produces and sells kitchen wipes with good quality and favorable prices. Yeesain kitchen wipes add some unique detergents, which can keep clean while using them, it’s a great choice for kitchen cleaning.

Wet wipes for glasses

Living in the electronic age, facing electronic products has become our life habit. This way of life has caused more people to have to wear glasses. The distressing thing is that glasses will always get dirty, even if you wear them all day without touching them, the glasses still look dirty in the end. Glasses are transparent, any dirt on them will directly affect our visual experience. You might say that if the glasses are dirty, just wipe them with toilet paper, but toilet paper does not make the lenses clean and easily scratch the lenses. The spectacle lens is very close to our eyes. If the spectacle lens cannot be kept clean, our eyes are also easy to get infected. In order to solve these problems, Henan Yeesain Company has developed lens wipes. Yeesain lens wipes are made of a unique anti-fogging formula and soft non-woven fabric, which adds EDI pure water. it not only helps protect the anti-fog coating that already exists on the lenses but also prevents the growth of bacteria. Using eyeglass wipes will not harm the lenses and can also keep the lenses hygienic. wet wipes for glasses are not only for spectacles, but You can also use them to clean the camera lens if you need and it works well too.

yeesain lense wipes
yeesain lense wipes

Wipes for cleaning shoes

Shoes are very easy to get dirty. The longer you don’t clean your shoes, the harder it is to remove the dirt. Brushing shoes directly with water is very harmful, It often happens that the shoes are broken after brushing them several times, but if they are not brushed, they can be very dirty. This case troubles us. Some people may use ordinary wipes to wipe shoes, but the cleaning effect is not ideal, so many people gradually choose to use Henan Yeesain shoe wipes. Yeesain shoe wipes are made of high-quality non-woven cotton, the main components are palm wax, microcrystalline wax, beeswax, etc, using the decontamination properties of non-ionic and anionic surfactants, it can easily and quickly clean shoes, avoid polishing and self-shining, and decontamination of leather protection. Cleaning shoes with this kind of wet wipes can remove dirt on the shoes and avoid damage caused by washing.

Nowadays, we have higher requirements for personal hygiene quality. Therefore, solving hygiene problems efficiently is more important. Many wet wipes companies have also begun to invest in R&D and production to meet people’s needs. Kitchen wipes, lens wipes, and shoe wipes have been gradually accepted by many families and will bring a better cleaning experience to these families. In the future, according to people’s needs, more different types of wet wipes will appear, and the wet wipes manufacturing process will continue to improve. Henan Yeesain is an enterprise specializing in the production of wet wipes. It develops different types of wet wipes according to customer needs and can also customize wet wipes according to customer requirements. If you want to know more about wet wipes, please contact us, we are pleased to serve you.

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