Now that the use of disposable diapers has become a habit of most people, the production process of diapers is also more stringent. It can be divided into diapers for grown-ups and diapers for babies. Many elderly people have illnesses that make them unable to take care of themselves, so they start using disposable diapers. Diapers have a large water absorption capacity because they contain super absorbent factors inside. Aseptic production makes the diapers more hygienic. Diapers provide a lot of convenience for caring for disabled people. nappies for grown-ups are divided into diapers and pull-up diapers, so which one is better?

yeesain adult pull up diaper
yeesain adult pull up diaper

Which is better for the elderly?

Urinary incontinence is very troublesome. It occurs due to the pathological changes of the urethral sphincter, and the patient's condition is considered to be urinary incontinence caused by brain nerve damage caused by cerebrovascular disease. The patient's urine can be inserted into a urinary tube to collect urine, but there is no other way to use diapers for excrement. Make local clean and hygienic habits to prevent the occurrence of bedsores. If you want to use it often, you can choose, which is more convenient to change. And be sure to choose breathable and comfortable adult diapers.

Many adult diaper companies produce adult pull-up pants, which is very beneficial to the elderly with mild incontinence. Because many elderly people with incontinence can move on their own, after putting on the pull-up diapers, they can exercise by themselves in the daytime. For pull-up diapers, it is the same size as the underwear, and it is completely invisible after putting it on. It has good water absorption and three-dimensional protection without side leakage. Adult pull-up diapers are more suitable for people who can move. For those who can move on their own, pull-up diapers are very light. You can wear pull-up nappies for grown-ups during the day to exercise by yourself. It is very conducive to mild incontinence.

Adult diapers are more suitable for bedridden patients. For bedridden patients, they can't walk often, so they don't need to worry about losing their diapers. They want more water-absorbing, dry, safe, and hygienic. It is better for bedridden patients to use adult diapers. For the elderly, they are different from babies. They can control their behavior and do not have as much activity as babies. Therefore, both adult diapers and adult diaper pads for men and women are acceptable. The only difference between the two products is the problem of urine absorption. Compared with incontinence insert pads, diapers have larger urine absorption. Especially for adults, it is better to use a product with a large suction volume. On the one hand, it won't lead to bedwetting. On the other hand, it can also reduce the number of diapers used daily, which is also a cost-saving. So on the whole, for the elderly, using diapers is a more appropriate choice.

yeesain adult diaper
yeesain adult diaper

How often do adults change their diapers?

The time of changing diapers for everyone is not exactly the same, for the situation of people and diaper absorbency are both different. In general, diapers need to be changed every 4-5 hours. Adult diapers with good absorption effects do not need to be changed at night. But how can I say it, it depends on the specific situation, if the elderly's urine volume is relatively large, and the water absorption of the diaper is not good, then it may be replaced every two hours. Therefore, be sure to buy diapers with a large absorption capacity and good water absorption effect, so that you are not afraid even if you have a lot of urine, diapers can repeatedly absorb, and the surface will keep dry.

There are a variety of diaper brands and the price of diapers is also different. Some diapers need to be changed immediately after urinating, and some can be used for a long time. If you want better diapers or pull-up diapers, Henan Yeesain Company will provide these products with good quality and give the elderly a better experience. Our customers are also using it overnight and there is no problem. When to change diapers depends on the degree of incontinence of the elderly. if they are bedridden for a long time, the absorption capacity should be better. Adult diapers are disposable urinary incontinence diapers, one of the adult care products, and mainly suitable for incontinent adults. The main performance of adult diapers is water absorption, which mainly depends on the amount of fluff pulp and polymer absorbent, and these materials in diapers can be customized by Henan Yeesain Company.

Generally, diapers can absorb urine 5-6 hours after urinating and keep the surface dry. According to the different types of adult diapers, their water absorption is also different. The water absorption of ordinary diapers is generally about 800ml, and some have very large water absorption, and the large water absorption can reach 2000ml.

We should choose diapers or pull-up diapers according to the situation of the elderly. Adult diapers are suitable for people who do fewer daily activities, while adult pull-up diapers are suitable for people who do more. In order to make it more comfortable for the elderly to use, we should pay attention to the absorption capacity of the diapers and whether their surface keeps dry when buying. Henan Yeesain Health Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D, production, and sales of adult diapers and adult pull-up diapers. We have professional R&D personnel and advanced production machines to ensure the quality of diapers and also provide a better experience to customers. We can also customize the products you want according to your requirements. If you want to get more information, please contact us.