When babies use newborn disposable nappies, mothers have all kinds of questions: What is the structure of newborn disposable nappies, and how is it different from sanitary napkins? How do I know it's time to change newborn baby nappies? How can I keep baby butt dry while wearing diapers? What to do if the welt hurts the baby's leg. Don't worry, this article gathers most of the questions about newborn disposable nappies and gives precise answers. After reading this article, you will be an expert on baby nappies!

newborn disposable nappies

What is the physical structure of baby nappies?

Generally speaking, nappies are composed of three main parts: the surface covering layer, the absorbent core layer, and the bottom file. The surface covering layer is close to the baby's body, allowing the urine to penetrate quickly and preventing back seepage, and the surface layer of the nappies is kept dry. The absorbent core layer can quickly absorb urine, disperse urine or diffuse it into the entire core layer by capillary action, and finally absorb and store urine.   

Skills about changing disposable baby nappies

  • When putting newborn disposable nappies, the back should be slightly higher than the abdomen to prevent urine from leaking from the back.
  • When the baby wears diapers, if the mark on the glue is the standard, fix the left and right sides first, and then remember to adjust the frills of the waist and legs.
  • This will not only prevent urine from leaking out but also prevent frills from scratching your baby's delicate skin.

Does the baby need to wear diapers for 24 hours

Of course not, because the baby's butt also needs to breathe. Every time you change newborn disposable nappies for your baby, after washing his butt and wiping that with a cotton cloth until dry, let the baby lie down and play for a while or hug him. In this way, the baby's butt can have an opportunity for breathing. Of course, what needs to be reminded is to ensure that the indoor temperature is appropriate and not to let the baby catch a cold. 

newborn baby nappies
newborn baby nappies

How to know it's time to change baby diapers?

Generally, a diaper should not be used for more than 4 hours during the day, if you don't know pay attention to the following times: After 15-30 minutes of each feeding, the baby's urine may be discharged; before going to bed, check whether the baby's diaper is dry after the baby wakes up, he usually urinates, check before taking the baby out. In addition, you can also buy newborn baby nappies with wetness indicators.

Why are babies prone to red ass when they wear diapers?

If you use diapers for your baby, you can't ignore the care of baby buttocks. Don't use diapers for too long, otherwise, the baby may get diaper rash. After the baby defecates, it must be replaced immediately, which is very important to prevent red butt. When choosing diapers, you must pay attention to baby nappies prices. You'd better not choose cheap newborn nappies, for cheap diapers may contain chemicals that are not good for your baby.

When choosing baby diapers, we should consider many aspects, not only use the baby safely and comfortably but also make it convenient when changing disposable diapers. If you want more information about newborn disposable nappies, please send an email to us, we will get back to you soon.