The arrival of a baby is the most anticipated thing a family is looking forward to. Therefore, no matter how big or small it is, mom and dad will take it seriously as long as it is about the baby. The baby’s daily necessities have always been a problem for moms and dads. What should the baby use? Which is suitable for the baby? What is the best? Mothers must struggle with necessities like newborn baby nappies for a long time, not knowing which brand to choose.

In fact, in addition to newborn disposable nappies, there is also the option of baby pull-up pants. Many novice mothers may be a bit confused now. What are pull-up pants? In fact, baby pull up pants are also a kind of diapers. There are other similar products called training pants or growing pants. So what is the difference between pull-up pants and newborn baby nappies? Which one is better? Let me introduce it in detail below.

newborn baby bappies

1. Similarities of Newborn Baby Nappies and Pull Up Pants

Pull-up pants, like diapers, absorb urine, block the erosion of the excrement on the baby’s butt, keep the butt dry and breathable, and avoid the diaper rash caused by the humid and hot environment of the butt, that is, red butt. happened.

2. Different Appearance of Baby Nappies and Pull Up Pants

What is the difference between pull-up pants and diapers, the most intuitive is the difference in appearance. Diapers help the baby to put on by adjusting the Velcro on the waist side, while pull-up pants are a kind of pants-type diapers without Velcro on the waist side, which seamlessly surrounds the waist and abdomen, and the baby can put it on directly. Don’t worry about the lack of velcro, the fit will be poor. Yeesain pull-up pants have a full elastic waist, and the waist and legs have soft elasticity, which always fits comfortably. Don’t worry about the inconvenience when taking it off. Dirty things will get everywhere. The seams on both sides of the waist of the trousers can be torn directly, and then unfolded like a diaper.

newborn disposable nappies

3. Advantages of Newborn Baby Nappies and Pull Up Pants

Pull-up pants are suitable for babies who are starting to learn to crawl, because babies are full of curiosity at this time and like to explore everywhere. It is a bit difficult for mothers to let them lie down quietly and change diapers. Using pull-up pants does not require babies. Lie down, and you can switch directly while standing. And when the baby starts to learn to urinate on his own, he has to take off his pants by himself. Wearing pull-on pants is much easier to operate. In addition, the crotch of pull up pants is slightly narrower than that of diapers, so the baby will not be stimulated by friction all the time when moving, the skin will be red, and it will be comfortable to move.

In fact, diapers are suitable for babies of all ages and do not hinder the use of pull-up pants, but young babies should still choose diapers, because they can’t stand yet and it is very inconvenient to change pull-up pants. And when the weather is cold, it is recommended to wear diapers. You don’t need to take off all the pants to change them to prevent your baby from catching cold.

To talk about the difference between pull-up pants and diapers, in fact, the difference is not very big in general. They are all types of diapers. Moms can choose according to the needs of the baby.