The baby underpad is also called "diaper pad". It is not a diaper or a diaper. Its main function is to isolate urine and ensure that the underside of the mattress or the mattress is not wetted by urine.

Some mothers have not used a changing mat for their babies, and do not know how to use the changing mat. Let's talk about how to use the underpad correctly.

1. How to Use?

After the baby is born, the underpad can be used until the child no longer wets the bed at 3 years old.

When the baby is sleeping: the underpad is generally laid flat under the baby to prevent the baby from leaking urine and wetting the mattress after wearing the diaper to ensure that it is safe.

When changing a diaper: When changing a diaper, in order to prevent the baby's urine from soiling the mattress, an underpad can be placed under the baby to save worry and effort.

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2. How to Choose an Underpad?

Washable Underpad

The washable diaper pad should be made of pure cotton on the surface, and the one that can directly touch the baby's skin should of course be of good quality. In addition, choose those that are not easy to penetrate and that is not easy to deform after washing.

After all, it needs to be used for a long time. If it is found that the baby's urine still penetrates into the bedsheets, wouldn't it be uneconomical? There are also things that are easily deformed after washing, and the baby will easily move when kicking while sleeping. Moms should pay attention when buying it!

Disposable Underpad

Compared with the washable underpad, the advantage of a disposable baby underpad is "convenience"! Put a bag in the bag and throw it away after use. There is no need to clean it to avoid trouble.

In long-term rainy and cloudy days, clothing is not easy to dry, disposable underpads are very important~

Precautions for the use of Underpads

  • When the weather is cold in winter, you can put the underpad in adult cotton underwear to heat it or use a hot water bottle to heat it.
  • Diapers ≠ diapers

Although both the diaper and diapers carry the word "urine", the usage of the two is extremely different.

The diaper is a small cushion that cannot be wrapped directly on the baby, and the diaper can accompany the baby close to the body~

So novice mothers must not be confused when preparing baby products for their babies!