In our company, you can find many kinds of disposable wet wipes, such as antiviral hand wipes, sensitive baby wipes, alcoholic wet wipes, leather wipes, car wipes, kitchen cleaning wipes, etc. These disposable wet wipes can be used not only to wipe your face and hands, but also to clean the kitchen and shoes. To be honest, you can use different wipes to clean different objects. But do you know what these wet wipes are made of? We will tell you that in the following paragraphs.

Antiviral Hand Wipes

Just as its name implies, antiviral hand wipes are a kind of disinfectant wipes. You can use it to kill 99% of germs in our daily life. And it can also inhibit novel coronavirus. Generally speaking, the raw material of our disinfecting wipes is spun-laces non-woven fabric. This material will make the wipes more stretchy and thicker. And the ingredients of our antiviral wet wipes are moisturizer, bactericide, EDI pure water, benzalkonium chloride. These ingredients are mild, non-irritating, and can effectively clean the skin. The cationic antibacterial and bactericidal primordia in it can sterilize, clean, and remove the peculiar smell.

Antiviral hand wipes

Antiviral hand wipes

Infant Wipes

Infant wipes are different from other wipes. Because the baby’s skin is delicate, we adopt spunlaced non-woven fabric cross laid pearl embossed to make infant wet wipes. And when you purchase wet wipes for your baby, you had better notice the ingredients. Generally speaking, most of the infant baby wipes contain EDI purified water, spun-laced non-woven fabric, moisturizer and bactericide. These ingredients are good for babies. At the same time, our infant baby wipes contain these same four ingredients. In addition, when you buy baby wet wipes, you should pay attention to the fact that baby wipes can not contain flavors, alcohol, fluorescent agents and excessive preservatives. If you see these ingredients on the packing bags, you’d better not buy it.

Mini infant wipes

Mini infant wipes

Single-Use Alcohol Wipes

For killing germs, we have professional single-use alcohol wipes. With the help of single-use alcohol wipes, coronavirus can be killed in a short time. In this special period, you had better prepare some ethanol wipes at your home. The ingredients of single-use alcohol wipes are moisturizer, bactericide, EDI pure water, 75% alcohol. 75% of alcohol is the main ingredient in killing the coronavirus. In short, ethanol wipes are made of spunlaced non-woven fabric and 75% alcohol. Deyou's alcohol wipes are sold well in more than 20 countries around the world, you can buy them at ease.

In fact, we also have many other wipes. If you want to know their ingredients, please contact us.

Customized Services

In addition to these fixed ingredients, yeesian can also customize the wipes according to your needs. For example, if you want to add some moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe, we can help you. As an experienced wet wipes manufacturer, we can also provide you with other customized services. To be honest, the sheet size, folding style, color of the packing bag, package, and cloth stretch can be changed according to your requirements. Just tell us what you want and we'll do our best to help you.