Generally speaking, we need to use wet wipes in many places in our daily life. And different kinds of water wipes have their own function. In our company, we have many different wet wipes, such as baby face wipes, alcoholic wipes, car windrow wet wipes, make up remover wet wipes, disinfectant wipes, etc. Are you still carrying a large bag of water wipes when you travel? Do you find it inconvenient? In order to solve this problem, Yeesain provided you a cute pocket wet wipes. That can help you a lot when you travel.

What Are the Uses of Pocket Wet Wipes?

  1. When the baby has diarrhea, it is very important to take good care of perianal skin. It's very troublesome to wash your baby's buttocks with warm water frequently, especially when you are outside. At this time, it's convenient to use the individual wet wipes, and they can also moisturize.
  2. When going out in summer, the skin will appear a lot of sweat. At this time, you can use our travel individual wet wipes. This can not only clean the skin, but also effectively reduce the secretion of sweat.
  3. When going out, there will be some dust on leather shoes. If the dry paper is used for wiping, some dust will remain on the upper. But if you use wet ones travel wipes to clean your shoes, you can clean them well.
Mini wet water wipes

Mini wet water wipes

The Benefits of Yeesain Wet Travel Wipes

  1. High moisture content. Compared with other brands of travel wipes, our travel wipes have higher moisture content. And pH value is more close to human needs.
  2. No alcohol, no fluorescent agent, no fragrance. Our wipes don't have any skin-irritating ingredients.
  3. Spun lace non woven fabric can erase many kinds of stains.
  4. Small package of wipes is more convenient to carry.
  5. Small package individual hand wipes are safer and healthier than large package wipes.

How to Choose High-Quality Wet Ones Individual Hand Wipes?

  1. Smell. If we smell good travel wipes, we can smell the fresh smell, and there is no irritation. If it's poor quality wipes, you will smell the obvious pungent smell.
  2. Then you can look at the raw material of the wipes. You had better choose a travel wet tissue made of spunlaced non-woven fabric. As mentioned above, Spunlaced non woven fabric is stronger and more durable than ordinary non-woven fabric, and it is easy to wipe off stains.
  3. Look at the back of the product. You should choose a regular manufacturer's brand with a detailed address, service phone number, health standard, enterprise standard and relevant health department record number.

Customized services

If you buy the travel wet wipes from yeesian, you can also get some customized services. That means that we can customize the packing bags, sheet size, fragrance, folding style for you. You just need to say what you want, and we will customize it for you. So, if you want to get this wet wipe, please contact us as soon as possible.