To be honest, there are some flushable wet wipes brands on the market. Just as its name implies, flushable wipes can be put in the toilet. In nowadays, some people want to get this kind of wipes. Because they think this water wipes are convenient. But there is a lot you didn’t know about the flushable wipes. From this article, you will know some important information about this wet wipe.

What Are the Problems with Flushable Wipes?

Things are changing, and more and more adults are using flushing wipes to improve their personal hygiene. But flushable wet wipes are not only expensive, but they can also clog pipes. Because while many companies say their wipes are flushable, there are still a number of cases in homes where toilet flushing can cause clogging. And water companies around the world are increasingly having the problem with "flushable" wipes in their wastewater systems. Water companies in London, New York, and Australia face this similar problem. Even the best-known brands are trying to combine toilet paper and wet wipes. Cottonelle encourages consumers to mix their dry and wet toilet paper products, but it is only postponing the inevitable. UK water companies spend more than £81 a year on clogged pipes, which are mainly caused by "flushable" wipes."Flushable" wipes cost Canadian taxpayers more than $250 million a year.

Baby is using baby water wipes

Baby is using baby water wipes

Can Biodegradable Wipes Dissolve in 3 Hours?

In Europe and North America, not to mention other countries, the problem is old sanitation systems that can't even handle three-ply toilet paper or bamboo paper products. Therefore, under the ideal conditions, flushing wipes sold in many markets are safe to flush. But our lives are not perfect. Adding low water pressure, oil, grease, or other chemicals to the mixture and we have a major problem. Now, even the best flushable wipes can clog the pipe. Because the wipes can stop other things behind them for a few hours, form a blockage, and then dissolve.

But wet wipes have created blockages that make a movement or flow difficult or impossible. Therefore, if you want to choose a kind of wet wipes, you had better choose the disposable wipes that can’t be flushable.

Where to Buy High-Quality Disposable Wet Wipes?

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