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The Real Flushing Wet Wipes for Sale

Flushing wet wipes are a kind of consumer product that can be naturally degraded in the environment and can not block the toilet barrel and the whole indoor, outdoor and urban sewer systems. The flushing wet wipes on the market now include adult toilet wipes, baby wipes and female wet wipes. The use of these three kinds of wipes has been growing. Therefore, the market of flushable wipes is very large, and many businesses are looking for manufacturers who can produce such wipes. Yeesain as a wet wipes manufacturer with 15 years of experience in the production of wipes, our natural flushable wipes production technology has been very mature, so it can meet your requirements.

Can you flush wet wipes?

A study by UK water at the end of 2017 provided insight into the impact of wipes and personal care products on the UK sewerage system. They studied more than 50 sewer blockages and revealed that most of the recycled material is made up of “natural flushable wipes.”. Although businesses claim that their wipes are flushable, most wipes can clog up sewers. So, flushable wipes not flushable. But our wipes are made of biodegradable materials, so you don’t have to worry about clogging the sewers, which means you can flush wet wipes.

Can you flush wet wipes

Can you flush wet wipes

Why are our wipes flushable?

To achieve a flushable effect, our wipes are smaller than other wipes. In addition, we use special nonwovens made of biodegradable fibers. This product can keep the toilet and drainage pipe system unblocked, and can be compatible with the existing sewage transportation and treatment system. Therefore, our natural flushable wipes can not only meet the tensile strength of daily use, but also can be dispersed under the impact of water flow, so as to pass through the toilet smoothly, and has good biodegradability.

Yeesain flushing wet wipes for sale

Yeesain flushing wet wipes for sale

Convenient use is a common requirement for people. Environmental pollution poses a great threat to the civilized world. That’s why today’s disposable nonwoven fabric should be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Yeesian‘s organic flushable wipes are made of cellulose fiber, which has the advantage of biodegradation. If you need this kind of wipes, please contact us as soon as possible.

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