As we all know, there are many babies pull up diapers on the market, and most parents know that. But do you know that adults also have to pull up diapers? To be honest, adults sometimes need to wear pull-up diapers, too. Because compared with adult diapers, adult nappy pants are more comfortable and convenient. Today, we are going to talk about adult diaper pants.

For the Crowd:

  • The old man is ill in bed for a long time and can't go to the toilet.
  • The mother has just given birth and the woman has a lot of menstrual blood. At this time, ordinary sanitary napkins can't meet the demand. Adult pulls up pants can solve this problem.
  • The patient needs to be in bed after surgery.
  • Disabled, incontinent, paralyzed, semi-paralyzed, and disabled patients.


Yeesain men's pull up incontinence pants

Yeesain men's pull up incontinence pants

Matters Needing Attention:

  • Wash hands with water and soap before changing the adult diaper pants every time to avoid bacterial contamination of the diapers.
  • Before changing your adult diaper pants or after defecating, clean your hips with neutral soap and warm water and dry them.
  • Please replace the clean pull up incontinence pants timely to keep the skin dry and clean.
  • You should often turn over the body for the patient and massage the whole body to avoid bedsores.

What Are the Size of Adult Pull Up Pants?

We've noticed that a lot of people are paying attention to the size of pull up pants. In fact, we have M, L, and XL sizes. But we can provide customized services. For example, if you want to get the pull-up diapers of XXL, we can meet your requirements. Our diapers are not male or female, only size. This means that our diapers can be used as men's pull up diapers. If you are looking for men to pull up incontinence pants, please contact us.

In yeesain health technology, we have the best pull up diaper for adults. With the help of the best pull up diaper for adults, you can easily solve the problem of incontinence. If you need it, please contact us as soon as possible.