With the spread of novel coronavirus, disinfectant wipes are known to all. Many people buy disinfectant wipes for their families, especially those with elderly parents. Because COVID-19 can cause respiratory diseases. Older people and anyone with diabetes, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and asthma are more susceptible to the virus.

What are medical disinfectant wipes?

Medical disinfectant wipes are specially made for medical institutions. The purpose of using medical wipes in medical institutions is to remove and kill pathogenic microorganisms that may cause nosocomial infection. So they have to choose to use medical disinfectant wipes. At present, the main component of most disinfectant wipes is quaternary ammonium salt, which can reduce the possibility of cross-infection and secondary pollution caused by traditional cleaning and disinfection. Moreover, medical wipes have the characteristics of cleaning and disinfection at the same time.

Medical wipes can be used in hospital

Medical wipes can be used in hospital

What are household hygiene wet wipes?

First of all, household hygiene wet wipes are alcohol-free wet wipes. Household hygiene wet wipes are made of nonwovens, fabrics, wood pulp composite cloth, wood pulp paper, and then added with raw materials such as RO pure water and disinfectant. It has the function of cleaning and sterilization. And it can be applied to hands, skin and other common surfaces. For example, you can use it to clean computers, keyboards, telephones, steering wheels, door handles, mobile phones, etc. And it's cheaper than medical cleaning wipes. In yeesian health technology, household sanitary wet wipes are our main disinfectant products.

Advantages of household sanitary wipes

  • We have two kinds of alcohol-free disinfectant wipes for travel and home. You can choose a suitable product according to your needs
  • Our wipes are well sealed, which ensures that the disinfection effect will not be affected if you do not use them for a long time.
  • Wide application range. As mentioned above, Yeesain alcohol-free disinfectant wipes can disinfect any non-porous and hard surfaces.
  • Sanitary wipes can kill 99.9% of bacteria.
You can wipe the table with household hygiene wipes

You can wipe the table with household hygiene wipes

How do you kill bacteria in your life?

  • Wipe the surface with yeesain alcohol-free disinfectant wipes until the surface is visibly moist.
  • Keep the surface moist for at least 10 minutes. You can wipe it multiple times if needed.
  • Allow to air dry.