What Custom Services Can a Wet Wipes Manufacturer Offer You?

Are you looking for a reliable wet wipes manufacturer for your company or customer? If your answer is yes, then you come to the right place. Henan Yeesain Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive and professional manufacturer and excels in producing disposable hygiene products. And “Deyou” is our wet wipes brand. 2018 Sales Amount of baby Wipes was 8.5 Million dollars on Alibaba Taobao platform. Thus, you can trust us as your supplier. Next, we’ll tell you what custom services we can offer you.

The ingredients of wet wipes

Generally speaking, wet wipes ingredients can be changed according to your requirements. For example, if you want to get aloe flavor wipes, we can add the appropriate amount of aloe in the solution of the wipes. That will make your wipes smell like aloe vera. And there are customers who want to let their wipes have a disinfection effect, we can also add the appropriate amount of alcohol solution according to customer requirements. But some customers worry about the security of adding extra ingredients. Actually, you don’t need to worry about that. Because we are in strict accordance with the production standards of production. And the proportion of wipes solution is also after strict deployment and repeated testing, so you can use it safely.

Wipes with safe ingredients can be used on babies

Wipes with safe ingredients can be used on babies

Yeesian can help you design the package of wipes 

In addition to the ingredients of wipes that can be customized, we can also help you customize the packaging of wipes. Yeesain has a professional design team, most of whom have many years of design experience and a wealth of printing knowledge. Therefore, no matter what packaging requirements you have, we can all help you. For example, we can help you design the color, layout, size and so on. Most importantly, if we become partners, these services are free. So far, we have helped customers in more than ten countries design the packaging of wipes. They all appreciated our package design.

Tube wipes or bagged wipes?

In Yeesian health technology, we can also provide different package types. For example, we have tube wipes and bagged wipes for you to choose from. And if you want to get tube wipes, you can also choose different tube styles according to your needs.

Different types of tube wipes

Different types of tube wipes

All in all, no matter what kind of request you have, we will try our best to help you. Therefore, if you want to purchase wet wipes, feel free to contact us.

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