Shanghai convention and exhibition center

Shanghai Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition Was Closed on July 16, 2020

On July 16, the Shanghai international epidemic-prevention material and equipment fair successfully closed in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The purpose of this exhibition is to provide high-quality epidemic prevention materials and equipment for countries and regions affected by the new coronavirus(COVID-19). On the 9th and 10th of last month, Yeesain health technology has participated in the epidemic-prevention material and equipment exhibition in Guangzhou. Therefore, we have more experience in participating in the Shanghai international epidemic-prevention material and equipment fair.

Shanghai national convention and exhibition center

Shanghai national convention and exhibition center

Before the exhibition, we have made an appointment with our regular customers and Alibaba customers in advance, and then told them the location and booth number of the exhibition. In addition, we have already sent more than 10 cases of samples to the meeting place in advance. These samples include alcohol wipes, disinfectant wipes, adult diapers and adult underpads. At 5:00 am on the 14th, the partner of yeesian health technology arrived at Shanghai National Exhibition Center 12 hours by car. After arriving at the exhibition, we began to put up posters and place sample. In order to make the exhibition go smoothly, the director of the foreign trade of Yi Sai arranged the exhibition work and matters needing attention for the meeting in the morning. During the exhibition, we always welcome every customer with full enthusiasm. To be honest, July was the rainy season in Shanghai, and it rained heavily for two days, but it didn’t affect the mood of the exhibitors. In order to let our customers better understand our products and company, we have also made a unique color page (the color page has the business card of the salesman, product trial and company information) and sent it to every visiting customer.

Epidemic prevention material and equipment

Epidemic prevention material and equipment

Through two days’ efforts, we exchanged contact information with many exhibitors from all over the world, and maintained good communication with them. In addition, we have reached cooperation intention with many customers at the exhibition.

Finally, during the exhibition, we also participated in the “anti-epidemic materials trade lecture hall”. From the meeting, we learned the latest export policy, quality certification and overseas risk prevention and control information of epidemic prevention materials. This can help us export goods more smoothly.

Tips:As a company with 15 years of experience in the production of sanitary products, yeesain have three sub-brands: Deyou (disinfection products and maternal and infant products), Soulcare (adult care brand), and Wizzpet (pet care brand). If you need our products, please contact us in time. Next stop: Zhengzhou!


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