Are you looking for cheap diapers? To be honest, we don't recommend buying cheap diapers. Because the diaper manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of diapers, will use cheap materials to make diapers. Such diapers can irritate our skin and make users uncomfortable. We all know that as the cost of diapers increases, so does the price of diapers. So how can you cut down on diapers? At Yeesain, we have high-quality diaper liners, which can help you reduce the frequency of diaper replacement and reduce the cost of purchasing diapers.

Elderly can choose nappy liner for themself

Elderly can choose nappy liner for themself

The benefits of nappy liners

  • The diaper liner is very convenient. All you have to do is put it on the adult diaper.
  • The price is cheap. The diaper liner price is much lower than diapers price, which can greatly reduce the cost of purchasing diapers.
  • Our Diaper liner is highly absorbent. Strong absorption means fast drying, which can reduce the number of times you change the diaper liners.
  • Comfortable. Soft and excellent nonwoven fabric provides excellent air permeability for Yeesain liner. This will give you a better dressing experience.
The eldely with incontinence

The eldely with incontinence

How to use diaper liners?

  • Put the liner on the adult diaper. Try to cover most of the diaper with the liner to make sure the diaper is not exposed. This will keep diapers from being contaminated.
  • Put on diapers as usual. Diaper insert pads can reduce irritation to the skin. It is recommended to change the pad at least every 2-3 hours. If the user defecates, it should be replaced immediately.
  • After using the liner, remove it from the diaper. Hold the clean pad edge by hand and remove it from the used diaper, leaving all dirt in the insert pad.
  • Throw the disposable liner into the garbage can. In this way, the diaper will be clean, so you can reuse it.