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What Special Wet Wipes Does Yeesian Have?

Generally speaking, you can easily find general wipes, baby wipes and hand wipes on the market. However, many people also need other wipes, such as restaurant wipes, screen cleaning wipes and bathroom cleaning wipes. Do you need such wipes? Please read this article if you want to get these wipes.

Restaurant wet wipes

When we go to restaurants or hotels, businesses will prepare individually packaged wipes for you to wipe your hands. To be honest, if you are a restaurant operator and your restaurant doesn’t have restaurant wet wipes, then you need to buy some. Good restaurant wipes can not only give customers good dining experience, but also improve the quality of the restaurant. Meanwhile, you can also use it for wiping tables and floors. If you buy these wipes from our company, we can provide you with a unique customized service. For example, we can print a unique logo on the package of the wipes. Now, there is a big market for restaurant wipes. If you are selling all kinds of wipes, you can buy some of them, which can bring you a lot of profits.

Restaurant wipes can save your time of washing towel

Restaurant wipes can save your time of washing towel

Screen cleaning wipes

Screen cleaning wipes are the main products of our company. It cleans effectively and dries quickly, and leaving no residue after wiping. The isopropanol solution in the wipes can easily remove bacteria and dust from mobile phones, glasses, screens or other surfaces. At the same time, our wipes are large enough to wipe large screens, such as computer screens. Of course, if you want small size wipes, we can also customize them for you. In addition, we have individually packaged screen cleaning wipes that you can easily put in the pocket. So even on the road, you can easily clean the dirt and debris from the lens or equipment.

Bathroom cleaning wipes

Are you bothered by the dirt in the bathroom? Our bathroom cleaning wipes are effective in removing scale from bathtubs and washbasins. You can also use it to remove stains on the toilet. In addition, it’s also a good choice to wipe the floor. To be honest, most of the bathroom cleaning wipes on the market have a pungent smell, but our wipes don’t have this problem. Because we use a mild formula, It has no odor, no irritation and does not harm hands.

You can use bathroom cleaning wipes to wipe your toilet

You can use bathroom cleaning wipes to wipe your toilet

Do you need such wipes? If you want to buy these wipes from us, Yeesain can provide you with a unique customized service and the highest quality products. So, what are you waiting for?

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