Incontinence pads are becoming a more and more popular hygiene product. However, with frustrating social taboos still surrounding incontinence, many people are unaware of their products and best health practices. So join us today to discuss how to change your incontinence pads, pants, and other products.

How do you control the odor of urinary incontinence?

While most incontinence pants and underwear have built-in odor control, recent studies have shown that odor remains a fear for most consumers. In fact, fear of smell, loneliness, and social isolation is a major consequence of most incontinent individuals. It is important to remember that incontinence products do have odor control functions, and you can also purchase further odor control products for peace of mind.

incontinence issue of women

incontinence issue of women

How often do you change your incontinence pants?

Incontinence pad is made much like underwear to make them comfortable and is usually more popular than other incontinence products. However, it is important to always change incontinence pants before they become too wet. This ensures that you won't encounter any accidental leaks, no matter how small. Besides, it's important to remember that wearing wet incontinence underwear for too long can lead to unhygienic skin and unpleasant smells.

Please do not reuse incontinence underpad

Wet incontinence pants or pants can deteriorate faster, causing unnecessary leaks. In addition, reusing incontinence products can put you at risk for skin diseases, such as dermatitis.

Why do some people change dry mats?

Some incontinence pads last only 3 to 5 hours. Wearing it for long periods of time can lead to unhygienic skin, unpleasant smells, and uncomfortable fungal and skin conditions. You should always change your mat, wet or dry, to prevent your skin from becoming irritated, which can lead to friction and irritation of underlying conditions such as eczema.

incontinence pads for adult

incontinence pads for adult

Why should we change incontinence pads so often?

If you use an incontinence pad, it is always recommended that you change it frequently to protect your skin. This means replacing the Pad 4-6 times a day. When your incontinence pad is wet, you should always replace it with a new one. You should wear a pad that meets your absorbency needs. Most pads come with a moisture indicator, which will let you know when you need to replace your incontinence pad.

How to change your incontinence pad at night?

Of course, sleep prevents you from changing your pad every 3-4 hours. For this reason, there are MATS that are more absorbent, designed for use at night. They are usually not suitable for daytime use because they are larger and therefore do not hide subtly under your clothes. It's also important to change your overnight mat as soon as you wake up in the morning. Living with incontinence is already an uncomfortable experience. It's important to make sure you don't make it worse with skin infections and personal health lapses. Replace the incontinence pad is recommended to protect skin, control odors, and prevent accidental leakage. Find the right product for you, your condition, and your lifestyle from your health professional, and explore the overall incontinence website today.

What if the incontinence pads are not absorbent enough?

If your incontinence pants are not absorbent enough, you may need to choose a highly absorbent incontinence adult pad. You can also add an insert board for added security. Yeesain health technology is a professional incontinence pads manufacturer and supplier. With strong capacity and rich experience, our customized service can meet all your special requirements.