"Incontinence" refers to involuntary urination or defecation and we are beginning to see an increase in incontinence around the world. Yeesain Health Technology offers a wide range of solutions, from sanitary pads to all-in-one diapers or diapers to pull-ups. The right choice depends on many factors, such as your lifestyle, body shape, and symptoms.


Perhaps the most common solution is to put sanitary pads in your existing underwear. The elastic pad from the whole incontinence can be absorbed 800 milliliters of fluid, which is the best treatment for incontinence. Simply attach the pad to your underwear to prevent it from moving around.


Like wearing an all-in-one suit, the pull-up extends to the hips, just like normal underwear, for greater confidence and inner peace. Leak-proof shields and higher belts help reduce leakage, odors, and bacteria, making draw-out an ideal choice for urinary and bowel incontinence.

buy incontinence pads for seniors

buy incontinence pads for seniors


Another option is a special padded undergarment specially developed for use with liners. Male and female designs allow for a comfortable fit. Unlike regular underwear, you can reuse cotton underwear multiple times.


Often referred to as diapers or nappies, all-in-one may be the best option for treating severe incontinence and incontinence. The design is a typical diaper that fits around the waist. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate smaller and larger builds.

Buy incontinence products online is easy and reliable

If you suffer from urinary incontinence, you may experience a range of emotions. Many people are shy about going to the shops themselves for buying incontinence products. Yeesain Incontinence provides a user-friendly online store where you can try out new products and find the right style for you. Once you've found what you need, sorting and reordering are easy and convenient. Just select the style and we will send it to you at any time.

Incontinence doesn't mean you have to give up the life you love. Yeesain incontinence can help you with advice and support, they offer a wide range of products in online stores. As you know, living with urinary incontinence is very inconvenient. We are often embarrassed by this question, especially when shopping for adult diapers and other incontinence AIDS. However, incontinence is not necessarily a shameful condition, especially in a modern world with a rapidly aging population.