As the body ages, muscles begin to lose their ability to contract and release normally. This is what happens to millions of people with urinary incontinence. When you lose urine from your bladder unconsciously, it can lead to embarrassment and even depression. Learning how to buy the right incontinence product can help you regain your dignity as you handle your situation carefully. Here are some of the products on the market to treat incontinence.

Adult Diapers and Protective Underwear

People with high levels of incontinence are advised to use adult diapers to prevent leakage of urine. Some adult diapers are reusable, while others are disposable. The diaper design is usually designed to provide a comfortable body for the wearer. Adult diapers may also have an elastic band on their legs to enhance their fitness and further prevent leakage of urine. Reusable adult diapers save money in the long run. They are designed to look and feel like ordinary underwear, except that the crotch is made of waterproof material. A reusable and highly absorbent lining is placed in underwear and used after washing. Other pads are disposable.

Some reusable adult diapers are designed to absorb water like disposable diapers. No extra padding is required to use this underwear. Instead, the hips of the bra are designed to suck liquid from the surface into the core of the bra. These diapers provide protection against varying degrees of incontinence. Other reusable adult diapers are made of cloth and can be washed, while some are shaped to fit the body and have a plastic cover to provide better protection. There are also waterproof pants that can be worn over underwear to provide greater leakage protection. 

incontinence products make you happier

incontinence products make you happier

Male Urinary Incontinence Products

One of the male incontinence products is the drip collector, which is a small water-absorbent bag waterproof to the back. The drip collector is placed on the penis and secured by a close-fitting undergarment. Drip collectors are best for those who leak urine frequently. Another male product is a condom catheter, which is worn on the penis in a similar way to a condom. At the end of the catheter is a tube connected to a urine collection bag and attached to the leg. The device is easy to use, ensures minimal skin irritation, and is ideal for handling small and large volumes of urine. There's also the Cunningham clip which is a soft clip on the penis. The purpose of the clamp is to keep the urethra closed until the urethra can be released to facilitate the passage of urine. This will take some getting used to, but given that it is reusable, in the long run, it is ultimately the most economical option available.

Pads and Inserts

The absorbent and disposable inserts look like sanitary pads and have a waterproof back. Cushions are placed inside the underwear to prevent leaks. There are also liners or liners that can be cleaned and reused and can be worn with waterproof pants.

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