When mothers give birth to their babies, they naturally have to take good care of them. We all know that when we were young, we would not be able to the toilet by ourselves. Baby needs to be taught a lot of things gradually, so when they have to pee, they have to wear diapers, but some mothers are worried and put another urine pad for bed under the baby. Then there is a question, does a baby need the underpad if he(she) wears a diaper?

baby disposable blue pad
baby disposable blue pad

Can diaper and underpad work together?

Whether diapers and disposable blue bed pads should be used together is determined by the baby's condition. Generally, baby underpads are waterproof, but not breathable. Putting them under the baby's butt will make the baby feel uncomfortable, of course. Good baby diapers have super waterproof ability and the bottom of diapers are also breathable, which will not make the baby feel uncomfortable. When the baby wears a diaper, it will be more secure to put an under pad disposable for the baby. If the bed sheet is not easy to clean, it is recommended that you put a baby underpad to prevent urine stains on the bedsheet. If the baby is using cloth diapers, it is even more necessary to use a disposable blue underpad, because cloth diapers are not very absorbent. If they are not changed in time, it will not only hurt the baby's skin but also get the bed sheet dirty. When it gets dirty, it will become very troublesome, so it is necessary to put an underpad. Some parents get used to changing diapers for their babies on the bed. During the diaper changing process, the baby's buttocks will touch the bed sheet directly, then the bed sheet will have the baby's urine. In fact, slight urine is invisible, but with the increased number of changes, there will be more urine stains on the sheet. The baby is often moving on the bed, so the skin will accidentally touch these bacteria, which may cause the baby to get sick. This can be avoided by placing a disposable blue underpad under the baby's buttocks when changing diapers

On the market, there are many types of underpads, and the quality is also different. When choosing for your baby, you should pay attention to whether disposable blue underpad is breathable. Try to choose a well-evaluated barrier, such as Yeesain, Kao, Pampers, and Curious.

baby underpad
baby underpad

Benefits of baby underpad

Use baby underpad to prevent contamination of bed sheets: Including urine leakage caused by too large diapers or poor absorption, large urine flow out at night,for diapers can not hold, etc., putting on an underpad is equivalent to double insurance, which can avoid accidents and wet bed sheets.

Prevent contamination of bed sheets when the baby bath is done: we don't know when the baby suddenly urinates, so take precautions every time. After bathing the baby, you can massage and touch first, and then put on diapers, cloth, etc. This takes a while usually. Putting on a disposable blue underpad can prevent the baby from urinating and soiling the bed suddenly.

Avoid sudden trouble: Maybe the baby urinates just after removing the diapers to be thrown away. If you don't put a disposable blue bed pad in advance, it will definitely have a lot of trouble to clean up

Take your baby out, the baby underpad is of great use: Take your baby to the park to get in touch with nature. If the baby suddenly wants to defecate, and the public toilet is far away, you can find a place that is less crowded, put underpad on the ground and then pack it away so that it won't get dirty.

We need to use baby underpads in many situations, so in addition to using them with diapers, they are also convenient to use alone. Henan Yeesain Health Technology focuses on the production, development, and sales of baby underpads. Our company can customize baby underpads, adult underpads, and pet underpads. We can manufacture according to your requirements. If you want more product information, just send us an email and we will get back to you soon.