Let's take a look at the adverse effects of using the wrong nappy on the growth and development of the baby. How should parents choose the correct diaper for the baby? What are the problems with the wrong diapers?

the nappy
the nappy

Urine leaks from side or back

Normally, if the nappies are not worn correctly or the size is not appropriate, urine will leak sideways and back. Let's take a look at the steps to wear nappies correctly

  • First unfold the nappies with both hands;
  • Raise the baby's calf and put the nappy under the butt;
  • Flip up the front side of the nappy and cover the belly button;
  • Leave a finger gap to the belly, stretch first, then paste;
  • Adjust the circumference of the baby's legs on both sides, stroke it to make the diaper fit the legs more closely.

To prevent the back leakage of the diaper, pay attention to the height of the nappy on the baby's back. At the same time, the diaper on the side of the legs is pulled up under the belly button, and the diaper on the abdomen is slightly folded outward. After wearing the diaper, remember to tidy up the wrinkles on both sides of the diaper (anti-leakage protection), let the frills on the sides and inner thighs stand up, and make sure that the velcro on the left and right sides are pasted on the same scale to avoid crooked diapers. It can prevent side leakage.

The improper newborn baby nappy size will make the baby uncomfortable. When choosing nappies, you need to consider your baby's weight. Nappies that are too large or too small are not suitable for your baby. A nappy that is too large will cause urine leakage. A nappy that is too small not only has insufficient capacity for receiving urine but may also damage the baby's skin due to tightness. 

newborn baby nappy size
newborn baby nappy size

Red rash

Replacement is late: When we fail to clean the baby’s butt and change the diaper after the baby urinating, the diaper is too saturated, and the ammonia-producing bacteria in the excrement will multiply. If it touches the skin for a long time, it will cause the baby's red rash.

Insufficient water absorption: In addition, if the cheap baby diapers are of poor material and insufficient water absorption, the baby’s butt will be soaked in wet diapers for a long time, which will increase the ability of irritants to penetrate the skin and the chance of infection.

【Nursing TIPS】

(1) Change diapers in time

The most important thing to prevent red rash is to change frequently, and if there is stool on the diaper, change it immediately.

(2) butt washing is essential

Contaminated buttocks skin should be cleaned with running warm water in time, and then dipped in a soft cotton cloth to dry the skin surface moisture. Do not wipe it repeatedly.

(3) Wipe up the diaper cream

Usually, before putting on diapers for the baby, apply the diaper cream containing zinc oxide to the little butt.

(4) Wear diapers correctly

Don't put your baby through tight diapers. When using diapers, make sure that the thighs are not tight and there is still air circulation inside.    

Skin allergies

The quality of some diapers is not good enough, and the diapers of small brands are rough and not soft enough, and they may even contain unqualified ingredients such as fluorescent agents, which can easily stimulate the baby's delicate skin and cause allergies. Once you find that your baby is allergic to diapers, stop using them immediately and replace them with other brands of diapers.

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